AtoZdatabases: Search Businesses, People, Mailing Lists and Sales Leads, Jobs, and more.

AtoZdatabases is a wonderful tool to help you locate people, businesses, and jobs. With this database, you can look up over 30 million business and executive profiles, conduct a concentrated job search, get sales leads, create business mailing lists, and more. Whether you are looking for new customers, a new job, or an old friend, this resource is for you!

AtoZdatabases include

  • 30 million business & executive profiles
  • Over 240 million residents with interests, hobbies, and lifestyles information
  • New employment opportunities with over 7 million real-time job listings
  • New sales leads with 2 million new homeowners
  • Over 12 million healthcare professionals
  • Over 2 million new homeowners
  • And much more!

Need help using this fantastic tool? You can access free live chat with an expert as well as video tutorials to help you learn to navigate the site and databases!

Looking for jobs?

You can search nationwide by location using city, state, or zip code or by using a keyword such as a job title or business name. You can also search using 27 popular categories to see available jobs in your industry. The results can show bull-time, part-time, internships, contract positions, and even temporary jobs. Advanced searching lets you limit by salary, location, and more. The jobs are also linked to the business database so you can find helpful human resource contacts as well as do research on companies you where you want to apply. When you are ready to apply, use AtoZdatabases resources to write a better resume and cover letter, or use the tips and videos to learn how to improve your interview skills.

Looking for new business prospects?

AtoZdatabases’ premier business and residential database and 30 million U.S. businesses & executives and over 240 million residents. Detailed data on the business database includes Industry specifics, employee size, sales volume, competitor information, executive titles, email addresses, historical data, and more. The business database can be searched by location, industry, ownership, size, keywords, and more. Detailed data on the residential database includes name, phone numbers, address, length of residency, income, home market value. You can even search for new clients by interests, hobbies, and lifestyles!

This resource is available in a Spanish version.