2022 – New Library Progress

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2022 Library Building Committee

Stop in at the library each month to pick up a printed copy of the most recent flyer.

October 2022

  • Excavation is completed.
    • The clay was found to be very hard, which will make the ground solid.
    • There was limited water in the ground.
    • Currently, they are pouring concrete and footings and next they will be starting the foundation walls. The site utilities are being outlined.

September 2022

  • Bid Package #2
  • The excavating on the building site has begun.
  • The start of the building structure will be seen by mid to late November if there are no setbacks.

August 2022

  • The library building project reviewed.
  • There are a few with updates but we are on track with the project schedule.

July 2022

  • Public Bid Opening for Bid Package #1

June 2022

  • Mayville Board of Appeals Meeting for 3 Variances for Building placement on the site
    1. North side 14.3′ into 25′ Yard Setback,
    2. West side up to 14.3′ into 25′ setback at the building center and 2.6’ at 17’ on NW corner
    3. Parking relief up to 42 spaces

May 2022

  • Reviewed the new library building project with updates.
  • Amend the contract with Findorff – allow subcontractor less than 24 hrs to bid material costs.

April 2022

  • Updates on building project checklist reviewed:
  • Schematic Design Estimate, Schedule, Value Engineering/Scope Reductions, Design, Site Approval/Variance, Environmental/Soil Boring, Overhead Electrical Relocation, Spectrum Services updates.

March 2022

  • Reviewed library building plans and updates with Mark Wershay of Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Kory Krieser of Integris and Matt Schroeder of JH Findorff and Son Inc.
  • Library building plans being readied for bidding.
  • JH Findorff and Son Inc was hired Construction Manager for the library building project

February 2022

  • Overview & impacts of design changes going forward
  • Review/updated milestone schedule
  • Review of RFP for Construction Manager Scoring & Responses
  • Shortlist three (3) Firms for interviews on 2/23/2022
    • C.G. Schmidt Construction. J.H. Findorff and Son and Gardner Builders
  • Review Findings of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Approve PSI Intertek to conduct Phase 2 collection/analysis soil borings
  • Review of Budget Update – Reflecting cost increases
  • Choose J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. Construction Manager of the new library building.
  • Approve Integrity Environmental Services Proposal for permit and removal of toxic materials in the red brick garage

January 2022

  • Red brick garage – bid for asbestos removal, budget garage site.
  • Accept bid for property analysis
  • Mark Wershay of Zimmermann Architectural Studios introduced.
    • He will be working to move forward the architectural plans.
  • Discuss changes and updates to the Library floor plans
  • Approve conceptual floor plan designs to move forward.
  • Updates regarding the status of the RFP for Construction Manager